CNN News Anchor Anderson Cooper Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Anderson cooper the CNN news anchor is among the most recognizable faces in media and journalism. Anderson Cooper the son of late heiress Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper, has always attained public attention. Cooper as a young boy made his appearances with his mother and then eventually stepped into his modeling career in his teen years. But it is in the year 1988 when cooper the yale university graduate became quite interested in journalism. It is when his older brother named Carter Vanderbilt Cooper committed suicide by jumping from the family’s Manhattan penthouse.

Cooper in his early career interned from the CIA and then moved onto channel one, ABC, and eventually CNN. Although he comes from a wealthy background with a huge net worth, then he inherited it from his parents. The famous journalist described himself to be cheap.

In the year 2010 September, warner bros and Telepictures signed cooper to host the national syndicate talk show ‘Anderson live’. Later cooper negotiated further and signed a multi-year contract with CNN to host ‘Anderson cooper 360’ on CNN. The nationally syndicated talk show “Anderson Live” lost its viewers after two consecutive seasons.

Personal Life of Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper was born in New York City on June 3rd, 1967, to Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper, which can be only described as being born with a golden spoon in the lap of luxury and comfort.

Cooper’s father was a well-known and established writer, whereas his mother was a fashion designer. Cooper from his mother’s family ties is a descendant of the famous business titan Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Cooper at a very young age caught the bug of media while appearing in the photoshoot for harper’s bazaar when he was only three. The now-famous journalist also appeared on ‘the tonight show’ in the same year.

When cooper was just 10 years old, he even modeled for famous fashion brands like Ralph Lauren (RL) and Calvin Klein. The young aged cooper seemed to have an ideal childhood before tragedy struck the family.

The line of the tragedy started when coper’s father died at an early age of just 50 from heart issues. No sooner than his older brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper committed suicide in the year 1988 jumping from the 14th floor of his family’s New York apartment.

Cooper attended the prestigious Dalton School in New York City and then moved on to yale university. It was at yale where cooper found his true passion in journalism. A path that took him to the peak of the broadcasting world within two decades.

Cooper is openly gay and was the first gay person who has moderated the presidential debate in the general election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in the year 2016. It even came to news that Apple CEO Tim cook asked cooper for a piece of advice before he made the decision of a public revelation and coming out as gay.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth

From the CNN show, Anderson cooper 360, the world-famous journalist grabbed an annual salary of $12 million. The amount is though just the tip of the iceberg. According to celebrity net worthAnderson cooper is worth an astounding amount of $200 million.

Writing and other pursuits

Besides being a well-known and successful journalist, cooper has authored several articles as a freelance writer. The memoir was written by him ‘dispatches from the edge’ was published by HarperCollins and even topped the bestseller list of the New York Times. The 2006 memoir dispatches from the edge, and the 2017 book the rainbow comes and goes. The book ‘the rainbow comes and goes’ is a book based on a mother and son’s life, loss, and love.

 In the year 2015, after interviewing Andy Cohen, about his latest book ‘the Andy Cohen diaries” the duo came up with the idea of a two-man conversational stage show named ‘AC2’.

Anderson did not inherit a lot of money 

When the journalist’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt passed on June 17, 2019, it is being reported that she has left a huge part of her estate to cooper. The late socialist’s estate then was worth $200 million.

Cooper revealed to the media that he paid back his college expenses to his mother and even a great deal more. in “the Howard stern show” he also told that he would inherit significantly less than $200 million.

Anderson cooper’s houses

Cooper is an avowed traveler of the world, both for his work and exploration. The combination of which has led him to build houses in different countries like the U.S and brazil. In Brazil, he owns a vacation home.

In the year 2014 cooper purchased his primary residence rye house for around $5 – $9 million. The home measures 10,000 square feet with six bedrooms and six bathrooms. The mansion was built with the help of famed architect Wilson Eyre. The house includes massive iron gates and it is built of stone and stucco. The residence also includes a cobblestone courtyard at its front. The big mansion even includes an Olympic sized swimming pool at its back. Besides, it also includes a tennis court and a greenhouse for plants and flowers of cooper.

Cooper even purchased a Greenwich village apartment in the year 2010 worth $4.3 million which was originally a 1906 built New York City firehouse.

How Anderson Cooper spends his money?

Cooper is a self-described great reader. And loved to spend his spare time being buried in a good book. Cooper also is a big fan of TV binge-watching. A famous tv show ‘breaking bad’ is one of the favorite shows of cooper.

Aside from purchasing luxury homes and focusing on his career, he focuses on charitable aid efforts and spends his time and money on various favored causes namely the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the American heart association, and GLAAD.

As far as spending money on luxury items is concerned, he doesn’t do that other than on his home furnishing and travel expenses.

Anderson Career Timeline
  • From 1999 to 2000 he worked as ‘World News Now’ co-anchor
  • From 2001 to 2002 he hosted the show ‘The Mole host’
  • From 2002 to the present he co-anchoring New Year’s Eve Live on CNN and CNN International
  • From 2003 to the present, he anchoring Anderson Cooper 360° show
  • From 2005 to the present he works as a co-anchor at Newsnight
  • From 2007–present he conducting the show 60 Minutes correspondent
  • From 2011 to 2013, he hosting the prim show ‘Anderson Live’

Anderson Filmography

  • He played himself in the movie Chappie which released in the year 2015.
  • In the same year 2015, Anderson played a CNN Anchor role in the movie ‘The 33’.
  • Again in 2016 for the movie ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Anderson appeared himself.

Wrapping Up

As per the gathered details of Anderson Cooper’s net worth in October 2020, he owns around $220 million. Being a popular journalist, television personality, and also a well-known author, Cooper having such whooping net worth isn’t a surprise at all.