How to Choose the Mattress That’s Perfect for Your Needs

The mattress that fits you the best is determined by how you sleep, i.e., if you tend to sleep on your sides, on your back, or your stomach. The general rule to follow in your mattress choice is that softer mattresses are better suited for side sleepers while people sleeping on their stomachs would find firm mattresses more suitable. And back sleepers ideally need a combination of both firmness and softness in their bed.

There are three basic types of mattresses available. They are as follows:

  • Foam variety
  • Innerspring variant and
  • Adjustable mattresses

Other than how you tend to sleep, there are other factors to consider, too, while buying a mattress. These are as follows:

You Like a Bouncy Feeling With Your Bed

Conventional mattresses that sport of innerspring not only border on the firm side, but are bouncy as well. As the experts at Sleep Authorities contend, interconnected coil mattress varieties are super-durable as well. Pocketed coil varieties sport of individual fabric-covered coils. These are especially useful to minimize the ripple effects of the movement of people above.

Plush Top Mattresses

The outer layers of innerspring mattresses usually consist of foam or fiberfill and have a quilted ticking cover. However, your desire for a super-plush feeling through a seeming, thick pillow top might be disappointing as it is vulnerable to compression. It is a better option to choose a firm mattress that has been adequately quilted and then place a replaceable mattress top over it.

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You Desire Change From Time to Time

For such cases, the best option open to you is to buy an air-filled mattress. Some of these types of mattresses let you control the air inside through remotes. Some even come with two separate chambers that allow customized firmness of the bed. Certain varieties of foam mattresses also offer soft yet firm sides that enable easy flipping. Other modularly designed mattresses enable you to move the spring insides of your bed.

If You are a Side Sleeper

If you are the side sleeper type of person, a mattress surface that will provide bodyweight support and adjust your shape is what you are looking for. In this, innerspring offers more relief from pressure than latex or foam mattresses. However, a mattress made from soft foam can work just as well for side sleepers. Another option open to side sleepers is mattresses that come with pressure relief points.

If You are a Stomach-Sleeper

Stomach-sleepers would hardly want the smothering feeling of memory foam mattresses. For such sleepers, the best option is a mattress that is firm and provides reliable support. These sleeper types are best matched by dense innerspring, firm foam, and air mattresses.

If You Sleep on Your Back

As we mentioned earlier, in brief, this type of sleeper wants a mattress that both supports and aligns with your spine correctly. These sleepers can do with almost all beds, but it is better if they tried and tested mattresses types for themselves.

If You are Prone to Develop Allergies

Due to their very nature, both latex and foam mattresses have antimicrobial properties and can resist mold and dust mites. However, there are indeed allergies to memory foam mattresses in some cases, so you need to consider that too. Innerspring mattresses or fiberfill ones with an air top should be enveloped with a cover. The cover should resist allergens and prevent people from developing allergies due to such irritants.

For People With Back Pain

If you experience pain in your back, you want a bed that responds to the shape of your body. Accordingly, latex or memory foam mattresses are the best options for you.

If You are Particularly Concerned About Foam and Latex Chemicals

To feel assured about the safety of the chemicals used in the mattress you intend to purchase, look out for:

  • CertiPUR-US certification for foams
  • GOLS certification for latex
  • Oeko-Tex certification for other types of fabrics
  • If You Are Still Can’t Decide

Don’t be afraid if you still can’t figure out what type of mattress will suit you the best. There are hybrid mattresses manufactured by some companies. They are a mixture of the motion isolation properties of beds produced from memory foam and the buoyancy offered by innerspring mattress cores.

Choose the Mattress
Choose the Mattress

Proper sleep is essential for effective work and play. And a mattress is one critical part of your bedding that will determine comfort and adequate rest. No rigid rule is there to ensure the right mattress type for you; it all depends on what you are looking for and your sleeping habits. In this respect, this article should prove to be highly beneficial. Good night and sleep well.

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