Mel Gibson Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Mel Gibson is popular worldwide for his roles in the Lethal Weapons series. American- Australian Actor has a Net worth of 425 Million. Mel Gibson’s Net worth is an aggregation of his direction, production, screenwriting, and investment.

He began his career as an actor and later got into direction and production. He got his first million worth of paycheck for Mad Max beyond Thunderstorm.

Mel Gibson’s Net worth makes him one of the richest

Mel Gibson has a Net worth of 425 Million as of 2020-21. He made this fortune by devoting himself to the entertainment industry, as an actor, as a director, and as a producer. He has ranked Number 6 in the list of the top 20 wealthiest actors around the globe. Just trailing by 5 other actors with 100-150 Million more than he has.

How did Mel Gibson get so Rich?

He started his career by working as a theatre stage actor. Later he did some commercial projects, some personal projects. He got his first role in a movie when he was just in school. After that Mad Max was played by him and he earned millions put of it. After his performance in Mad Max, it gave him more projects and roles.

He won the best actor award for his role in Gallipoli from the Australian Film Industry. After that award, Mel Gibson attracted many international entertainment industries (U.S Film Industry) and was declared as a versatile actor. That international fame helped him get rich more and more.

Some of the Controversies:

Many up and down happened in his career. In 1991, he gave controversial remarks in interviews and got himself attracted to some critics. He thought his career was almost over and he had nothing left when he got arrested for having an alcohol container in the car and driving under influence of it, in the year 2006.

In 2010-11 some audio recordings were leaked, in which Gibson was making racist comments on Oksana Grigorieva, his former girlfriend. It was allegedly reported and he did not take responsibility for it. He stated the recordings have tampered. He settled that case with his former girlfriend.

Some of his controversies were so intense that he was blacklisted from Hollywood for like a decade. Some famous actors like Robert Downey Jr. pitched for him and asked for forgiveness in 2014 for Male Gibson. In 2016, his film Hacksaw Ridge won an Academy Award Nomination and he got his reputation back. Many industries wanted to work with him again after it.


He was declared as Sexiest Man alive in 1985, it was the first time someone was awarded that title. He had received an Order of Australia for constant and best service to the Australian film industry. They has won many awards as Best actors and had been nominated for many. From Hollywood and the Australian industry, he had been awarded many awards.

Philanthropy activity:

Many great people do philanthropy and Mel Gibson is one of them. He and his spouse have been so generous in donating to charities. For medical treatment for needy children, in protecting rain forest, donated some fortune to a Malaysian company. His philanthropist activities always make sure that he helps in the education and development of children.


He has made millions from the entertainment industry but he also has earned millions as a property investor. He has his properties in Australia, Japan. By selling and purchasing many properties he has earned money.

Mel Gibson Childhood:

Mel Gibson was born in New York in the year 1956. He shifted to Australia when he was 11-12. His parents were worried that their children might be forced to join the battle of the Vietnam war, so they shifted to Australia. He studied his acting at Australia National Institute. He got more fame from Australia first than he got from the USA.

After some stunning performances in movies, he got fame worldwide. He had some speed breakers in his career but he overcame them and earned and kept his name. He has a Net worth of 425 Million and is still counted as one of the richest actors in the world.

Interesting Facts about Mel Gibson:

 Mel Gibson appeared in People’s magazine under “50 most beautiful people” several times. Mel Gibson was a roommate with actor, Geoffrey Rush when he was graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Act. His Academy award winner movie, Braveheart, was not only acted but also was directed by him.

Mel Gibson once accepted the fact that he has his two kidneys fused- Known as horseshoe Kidney. No other Australian actor has ever made millions by acting in the entertainment industry but only Mel Gibson. “The three Stooges” is his beloved TV show.

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He lost the role of Bruce Wayne in the Batman film to Michael Keaton. His movie, “Passion of the Christ” was a bit controversial and he could not find anyone to pay for that film project. He had to use his own money worth 25 Million dollars for that film and produced it.

He had many controversies and due to that, he was suffering from bipolar disorder-one of the emotional disorder which shifts moods in seconds and makes people unpredictable.

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One of his younger brothers, Donal too is an actor. Mel Gibson’s grandfather was a millionaire businessman in the Tobacco Industry. He earned a tag of Action hero from his iconic movies of Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, and Gallipoli.

He was born in New York and later shifted to Australia. So he naturally had an American tongue. He was teased by one of his classmates for his American tongue so he developed an Australian accent, and that accent is found in some of his movies.

His attractive looks have always catch women’s attraction and he has a huge fan following of women. He has succeeded in the entertainment industry and has also led in controversies but with his versatile acting, he had joined the film industry again even after being blacklisted from Hollywood.

Some of the Popular Quotes from Mel Gibson

Quote 1: 

” Film is constructed for kinetic activity and crash and shed. If it’s not rooted to something a little greater, you’re simply kicking your butt around the corner.

Quote 2: 

” Life is life, and also one has experiences that are painful and some that are extremely pleasant, and also one has a reward and also sacrifice and also more incentive and dissatisfaction as well as happiness as well as joy, and it’s always most likely to be the same.”

Quote 3: 

” The really first suggestion I ever had concerning making a movie … my first idea regarding ever before being a filmmaker was when I was sixteen years old and I wished to make a Viking motion picture. As well as I wanted to make it in old Norse, which I was studying at the time. It’s weird due to the fact that at that age that’s a stupidly ludicrous idea ’cause how will I ever before be a filmmaker.”

Quote 4: 

“Maybe that sounds like I’m throwing it away and I’m not, I’ll still do the best damn task I can, yet it does not imply the same point. I’m going to get the response for myself one of these days.”

Quote 5: 

” I do not believe we’re collapsing as a human being, yet this is not our finest hour, and it’s great to be mindful that we’re all at risk to fall and to take a look at what are the trademarks of a world on the wane. What is the – damage to the setting?”

Mel Gibson Emphasizes
  • He became a popular actor after the release of action fiction “Lethal Weapon” in the year 1987.
  • His acting in the war/drama movie Braveheart is widely spoken by all. Braveheart has become one of the best American epic historical fiction war film released in the year 1995.
  • His thriller crime movie Ransom released in the year 1996.
  • He won the Academy Honors under the category Best Photo for the movie ‘Braveheart’ in 1996.
  • In the year 2000, his comedy/romance film ‘What Women Want’ was released.
  • In the year 2002, AMel Gibson net worth American science fiction horror film ‘Signs’ released.
  • American action film ‘Obtain The Gringo’ was released in 2012. Mel Gibson, produced and co-written this movie.
  • In the year 2017, Mel Gibson joined with Mark Wahlberg for the American Christmas comedy film ‘Dad’s Home 2’.
  • In the year 2018, Mel joined as a production designer for the Chinese action war-drama ‘Airstrike’.
Wrapping Up

Mel Gibson has been in the Hollywood industry for several years and earned himself as a great actor over these years. As of the year 2020, Mel Gibson’s net worth was around $425 Million. He joined the wealthiest actors club along with Sylvester Stallone and Johnny Depp.