Alexis Ohanian Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Alexis Ohanian, The co-founder of the Reddit website and a well-known American Internet Entrepreneur. As of present 2020-21, Alexis Ohanian Net Worth estimated at 40 Million USD in the year 2020.

Alexis Ohanian Net worth:

Alexis was declared as “Mayor of the internet” back in 2005 when he co-founded Reddit. Other than his professional career, he is also famous for marrying famous Tennis player-Serena Williams.

Contributors to his Net Worth: 

Investing in tech at the early stages is one of the contributors to his current Net worth. He made investments in some startups, which has gained him three times his investment.

He also helped in launching Hipmunk, a travel search website, and is now an advisor of the company. All these investments and wise decisions have made him one of the richest entrepreneurs with 40 Million Net worth.

Sold Reddit for 10 Million:

His current Net worth is also supported by his decision of selling Reddit. He sold Reddit for 10 Million. He had his own reasons for selling it, he thought he earned too much money in a shorter period of time than his parents could earn in their entire life. His mother’s illness when he founded the company weighted his decision in selling Reddit.

But it was not the happiest decision of his life; he wished he had some advisors telling him not to do so. It was not one of the best deals he had made. Reddit raised 300 something Million through Series D investment. He wishes if he also had made some kind of decision like that before selling it.

Some of his Creative works:

He did invest his time and money, in firms and venture capitals but he also did some creative works. In 2012, he teamed up with the chambers brothers and launched the Kickstarter Project, for artists, in helping them find more funding opportunities. Artists now thank him for the platform he had provided to them.

After the birth of his daughter, he became an advocate for paternity leave and started writing articles about his fatherhood-how he spent months taking care of his family. He announced his plans to bring a pledge for family leave legislation, paid leaves. In 2015, he launched Upvoted, which recited real-life stories. It used to have episodes of different personalities every time. He also launched another Radio podcast earlier in 2014, “NYRD Radio” podcast, in that new entrepreneurs could apply to work with him.

His Creative works caught many audiences, and appreciation from some critics he received them. He once fired Victoria Taylor, Reddit’s popular administrator. She used to coordinate celebrities Interviews. Many people criticized him for his move, but he stood up against all.


Alexis Ohanian was born on 1983, 24 July, in New York. He was born from an Armenian Descent father and a German-born mother. He was a bright student and was chosen to deliver the graduate student address. His destiny changed when he attended one lecture in Cambridge, lecture on “How to start a start-up”.

He had some downtimes in his career when his girlfriend slipped into a coma after falling from the fifth floor. His mother was detected with a tumor during the same time. He overcame a stressful situation.

Achievements and Honors: 

In the technology industry, he has devoted himself since his young age and for that, he claimed his name under “Forbes 30 under 30”. He had his name featured in “Champions of innovation”. In fast company, his name appeared as “Most creative people in the business.” He had been asked to attend ceremonies by some universities.

Published Works: 

In the year 2013, Alexis published the book “Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not-Managed”. His publication tells how strong a writer he is. For hardcore business, his book was ranked fourth in Wall Street journal’s best seller. Ohanian made a tour for promoting his book in 75 universities.

Interesting things to learn from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian:
  • In high school times, he used to work as a waiter/cleaner at Pizza Hut. When any cook would screw up the Pizza unintentionally, and when the same pizza is served to customers, when customers complain about screwed pizza, he would take responsibility for it, because he was the first face customer were complaining too. He applied the same rule when it comes to customer service, he takes responsibility.
  • Inspiration can come literally from anything. The same happened to him. He wanted to have a happy career as a lawyer. They thought it was a great job in helping people getting citizenship but when he started his job, he knew how unsatisfying it was. He was at a waffle shop, at the time he decided he needed to do something new in his life.
  • Success at the first attempt is not possible: Before Reddit, he had something different in his mind. He and Huffman had an idea for a food ordering app through mobile. After some hard work, their idea was selected by Y Combinator.
  • Alexis was a millionaire by age of 23. He found Reddit after his graduation. He launched the company and his business was the first startup to go through Y Combinator. With some web links and texts of users, he and Huffman created Reddit in just three weeks.
  • He understands the importance of mental health: Being an entrepreneur he knows that it is not only physical activities that decay our body but mental health is equally responsible for it. He only speaks about mental health issues and does not feel any shy about it.
  • Alexis is never scared of doing something new. He has done many projects, has launched many platforms and applications. He does not let his fear stop him from trying something new. Ohanian once stated that he wants to be the kind of person/investor which he needed when he was young and was the founder.
  • He always likes to advise people/entrepreneurs about their concerns because he does not want young people to make mistakes which he once did.
Alexis Ohanian Highlighting Emphasizes
  • Alexis is the Co-founder & also the executive chairman of Reddit.
  • In 2007, internet entrepreneur Ohanian introduced Breadpig to the world.
  • In 2009, Alexis talked at TED about a whale called Mister Splashy Pants.
Some of the Famous Quotes from Alexis Ohanian

Quote 1:

” Facebook makes me hate the people I recognize, as well as Reddit, makes me like individuals I do not.”

Quote 2:

“Surround yourself with individuals who are doing interesting points, who are thinking fascinating thoughts, that test you to be much better, as well as that, come from a varied set of backgrounds and experiences. That, combined with proper minutes of ‘me’ time, provides the ideal reproduction ground for excellent ideas.”

Quote 3:

” The best part of being an angel financier is seeing these kids generating firms that obtain way more traffic than Reddit had when we sold it. I believe, ‘Are you joke me? They’re just youngsters, and they’ve done so a lot.”

Quote 4:

” There was a clear lesson below– which was that the Web likes Mister Splashy Pants.”

Quote 5:

” Working at social networks, whether for the organization or personal usage, indicates catching people who have short attention spans. They’re only a click away from a photo of an amusing feline, so you need to make your thing much more compelling than that feline. And that can be a high bar.”

Wrapping Up

The American entrepreneur and the world-famous capitalist Alexis Ohanian’s net worth is approximately $40 Million. Ohanian also well-known as the co-founder of the social-info site Reddit, because of his innovation he also referred to as a ‘Start-up Individual’.