Shopping for the Ultimate Staycation

After the past year, many of us are looking forward to the summer months – the glorious sun, the fantastic food, the opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones and friends. This year is likely to be quite different than past summers, however, in that much international travel is off the-table due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions and mutations, which means that many of us will be holidaying in the US this year – we’ll be having ourselves a staycation.

Whether you plan on travelling to the other side of the country and viewing the coasts, heading up north to the border, seeking the sun in the south, or holidaying in the Midwest, there are plenty of fantastic places for you to enjoy within our own borders. You’re still going on holiday and, in true holiday fashion, will need a suitable wardrobe wherever you go.

So, how do you shop for the ultimate staycation? Read on to see!

Seeking the Sun

During the summer months, the south of the US is famed for its sweltering summer and sticky heatwaves, so if you plan on heading anywhere near Florida or Texas, you need to think about packing for what are likely to be extremes of heat.

Loose clothing in light colors is always a reliable go-to for those who prefer to cover up – linen is an excellent material for allowing the flow of air and staying cool – and, regardless of your age, always looks fashionable. Wide-brimmed straw hats look effortlessly chic when paired with the perfect pair of sunglasses. For those of you with prescriptive glasses, sites like sell luxury eyewear that also benefits your eyesight, so consider updating your spectacles.

If you enjoy tanning, a good pair of denim or cargo shorts will go far, and can be easily paired with dressier tops for the evening, and loose camisoles during the day.

Camping Cool

If you’re more outdoorsy and plan on embarking on a hiking and camping trip, your clothing is less important than the extras you pack with you. A comfy pair of hiking boots (sneakers are just not going to cut it), jeans, cargo pants, and/or waterproof trousers, and layers for your top half (including – you guessed it – a waterproof coat) are the basics of what you need, clothing-wise.

What does require more thinking through is the equipment you take with you, which needs to be lightweight and durable for all the hiking. It would also be prudent to carry an emergency flare or two, a first-aid kit containing bandages, water, plasters, insect-repellent, some antibacterial wound cleanser, and bite and sting salve, as a minimum. Sunscreen is also a must! A compass would also be a handy addition to take.

Taking a Tour

If, like some, you’ve decided to take a roadtrip for your staycation, there are plenty of cross-country roadmaps to follow featuring some bizarre and intriguing wonders. On this classic type of trip, where you’ll be doing lots of travelling and getting in and out of your vehicle, you’ll need comfortable clothes suitable for a range of weather, an excellent road mix (whether an old-school CD or otherwise), a map, a camera (Polaroid, if possible), and a scrapbook to keep souvenirs and pictures from your journey.

Wherever you’re heading this summer, make sure you’ve thought through and listed everything that you need for any pre-holiday shopping excursion – you don’t want to be caught short with worries when you’re away!