How Using Jungle Scout Can Help Your Amazon FBA Business

If you have an Amazon-affiliate business, more commonly known as fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you’re probably aware of the long and tedious process of managing it manually. Many Amazon sellers complain about having to spend hours scouting through amazon products for product research.

Having to organize countless products in spreadsheets to maintain records and categorize products that would sell well on the market can be time-consuming. This is where Jungle Scout comes in. Jungle Scout offers a range of features meant to optimize your amazon selling process. It can be a game-changer for your business.

What Is Jungle Scout

Let’s start with the basics, Jungle Scout was designed to scout out amazon products according to a niche. It’s a research software meant to optimize your selling process. In addition to finding products, it also gives FBA business owners the ability to predict the success of their products based on similar product reviews. It comes equipped with many other features that come in handy and can help improve your amazon sales notably.

Useful Features Of Jungle Scout

While the main feature of Jungle Scout is product research, it comes with a lot more features to help improve your business and make your job easier. Jungle Scout is frequently updated, with new and improved features regularly being introduced into their servers. Here are the top features offered by Jungle Scout.

1. Niche Hunting

A great feature offered by Jungle Scout’s software is its niche hunter option. These options let you identify profitable product ideas, keywords, and niches based on specific parameters, such as product category, competition, average price, opportunity score, and listing quality score.

The competition is usually scored from one to ten, score one represents the lowest competition while ten represents the highest. Whereas the opportunity score, which is based on all factors, is high when your product has a good chance of selling. The listing quality score of a product generally depends on how well the listings in a niche are optimized.

You can select the parameters, and Jungle Scout does the rest of the work. A whole list of potential ideas and keywords is generated for you to choose from.

2. Tracks Products

Jungle scout’s product tracker gives you the option to see a product’s complete sales history. This will help when you’re looking for potential product ideas; you’ll be able to judge a product’s potential by looking at its average price, rating, sales trends, reviews, and much more. You can use this promo code to avail this feature at a discounted rate. By using a product tracker, you can make the product research process much easier and more effective.

3. Huge Product Database

The product database on Jungle Scout’s servers contains more than 70 million products from Amazon and is updated regularly. The database contains all the information about products that you may need for product and competitor research. Not only that, the Jungle scout database gives you the option to activate preset filters. These filters include the most common criteria for you to choose from.

4. Scouts Keywords

Keyword research is vital before you list your product on amazon. You need to make sure you use relevant keywords so that your product can get a good viewership. There are a lot of benefits your business can get if you use a keyword scout.

  • Gives you niche keywords that are majorly searched on amazon
  • Helps you understand the relevance of keywords
  • Helps rank your products better

5. Launch Feature

A really great service provided by Jungle Scout software is its Launch feature that has been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of FBA business owners. The feature allows sellers to connect with customers and increase revenue by customer engagement. It provides you the option of connecting with customers using direct emails. Moreover, email automation for order confirmation or updates can be done through this feature, which will ultimately improve the level of service your business provides. Related – How to Track Your Package Online Easily

6. Manages Inventory

Keeping track of your inventory manually

Keeping track of your inventory manually can be tiring and increases the chances of errors. Jungle scout provides you the option of using an inventory management tool that can effectively take care of all your inventory needs. The tool will help you predict the amount of stock you would need and optimize your stock ordering process. This tool can also calculate the costs and profits of your transactions. It will also keep track of your daily sales hence making your work a lot easier. Also Read – 3 Ways to Make Your Business COVID-Safe

Jungle scout has become the leading Amazon FBA business tool. It takes care of all the essential needs of your business and makes sure that you can run your business smoothly. Consider it an investment for your business and you will notice considerable changes after a while. Make use of all the features this software gives you, and start growing your business now!