Qualities to Look for When Buying Leather Products

When you want to buy something that makes a statement, regardless of what the item is, leather is right at the top of the list. When you buy something leather, you don’t really have to explain to anyone what it is – it is a material that is identifiable a mile away. The only problem is that these days, there is a lot of knock offs and faux leather items, and this just means that it would last as long and won’t have the qualities that real leather should have. If you’re not sure about what these qualities are, read on to gain a better understanding of what you should be looking for when buying leather products.

The Smell

This could actually be a tricky one, but it’s no secret that the smell of leather is one of the most identifiable in the world because it is so unique. The crazy thing is that smell that you are so familiar with is not the natural smell of leather but is actually the smell of it mixed with other chemicals. Currently, the use of vegetable-tanned leather exists, so it’s important for you to look into this to know what a ‘healthier’ quality of leather smells like. Besides that, if the leather doesn’t have that smell that you are so accustomed to and smells more like chemicals or even has the leather smell but to a very light degree, then you should avoid this product. Suggested – How to Identify Scams From the Get-Go

Look at the Stitching

You really have to look at the product up close to get a better understanding of the stitching. Quality leather products will mostly be hand-stitched, although there are machine-stitched options. The wallets at bullsheathleather.com give you insight into what proper quality stitching should look like. The thread itself needs to be of high quality and it should be done in a straight line. Generally, if something has messy stitching then this is a red light for you and it means that the product probably isn’t that great.

The Texture & Grain

Real leather has different grains, depending on the quality and also the kind of leather that it is made from. Lower quality or fake leather will be easy to identify, especially if it clearly feels like plastic as you run your hands through it. It will be either treated with too many chemicals to make it look that way, or simply made from another material altogether. If you want top-quality leather, in a nutshell, there are 4 kinds of leather grades that you need to know about.

  1. Full Grain: This is the most popular kind of leather because it barely has any imperfections and the fibers are consistent and stand out.
  2. Top Grain: This grain has a smoother texture because it is sanded and has a finishing coat that makes it shinier. It is less expensive than a full-grain but better for excessive use because it’s easy to clean.
  3. Genuine: This is still pretty good leather, but is generally made from leftover leather products. This is why it can have a variety of textures but will be cheaper than the higher grades.
  4. Corrected: This leather is usually worked on extensively by leather makers to get rid of any imperfections by sanding, and they are always dyed to make the appearance better, and they’re definitely the most affordable of the bunch. So it’s very sanded down and won’t have the texture of the full or top grain. Also Read – A Guide on Using Finasteride

Find Out Where it Was Made

Where a leather product has been made can tell you quite a bit about the quality. So always make sure to ask about where the product has been made. Even though around 80% of leather is made in China, some of the best leather products come from Italy, Brazil, and Russia. You also want to ask which animal hide was used to make the leather. Exotic leathers, which are used for shoes, wallets, and belts amongst other things, usually come from countries in Asia and Africa. Goat, pig, and sheepskin can originate from European and South American countries as well. They’re generally used to make jackets, gloves, and rugs.

If you don’t deal with leather a lot, then it can make it more difficult to figure out what qualities to look for. Using the information provided here, you’ll have a much better understanding of what to look at and what to ask for to ensure that you’re getting quality products rather than fake leather. The point is, if it’s not quality, it’s not going to last very long.

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